Monthly Archives: December 2015

Opening statement NVP-weblog

Dear members of the Dutch Psychonomic Society,

We are proud to introduce the NVP-weblog: an interactive platform, where members will be able to follow the news and announcements related to NVP, but also post opinions and discussions of recent research. We also welcome tutorials regarding tools developed by our members. We strive to create an  online community of members actively involved in the issues important to NVP.

This weblog replaces the journal of the society – ‘de Psychonoom’. For many years ‘de Psychonoom’, led by a small team of enthusiasts, has played an important role in informing the members about new developments in the society. We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to ‘de Psychonoom’ in the past and kept the quality high throughout the history.

The NVP board  felt that there was a need for a more interactive forum to exchange ideas between the members of  the society. The NVP blog is intended to fulfill this role. The NVP blog will have an editorial staff who will solicit contributions, but will also evaluate submissions by  the members. Each contribution will receive a DOI (digital object identifier), so it will be possible to  cite any  particular contribution. We strive to gain an indexation from Medline or Web of Science. Every two months, all contributions will be listed in an email newsletter distributed amongst our members.

So, have you recently received a prestigious grant? Have you published an interesting paper? Do you want to express your opinion about a hot topic? Will you soon defend your PhD thesis? Do not hesitate to submit your contribution at